Contact us to get an estimation of your artworks.

Why Sell with us?

Alyes Auctions is a real gateway through the Asian art market for sellers. With our two offices based in Hong-Kong and Shanghai and our partnership with many local galleries and promoters we have the ability to reach many Asian collectors who show a growing interest for Art today.

How does it works?

All of our estimations are free and confidentials. Our staff will first determinate if your artworks are appropriate for one of our upcoming auctions. Once your lots are approved, our experts will help you to establish an estimation of them, catalogue them and promote it to our prospective buyers worlwide. Also you will recieve a contract (mandate to sell), in which articles, the reserve price (minimum price of sale) and the sale (commission, liquidation period of the work to be sold) will all be defined.

Pricing And Payment:

Please contact us to know more about reserve price setting and seller's commission. Once the auction is finished you will be informed with the results and if your lot is sold you will receive the payment within 35 days cost and taxes included. If a particular item is not sold, no commission will be charged to the seller.