About Us

Alyes Auctions, based in Hong-Kong, is offering at auctions a dynamic range of collectible artworks and works especially with Asian collectors.

With a clear international focus, we target especially the constantly growing Asian market. Indeed, with our two offices established in Hong-Kong  and Shanghai and our partnerships with many local auction broadcasters we help Asian collectors to purchase quality Post War and Contemporary artworks. In addition, we push forward many established artists who already have an international aura, along with more emerging local artists in which we belive.

Our goal is to make access to auctions easier, cheaper and faster for buyers and sellers. Indeed, our average sales fees are lower than most traditional auction houses, we offer a fast delivery service and our online auction system make access and sale of artworks very convenient .

Our Team


Nicolas Alyes - Founder

Nicolas is a French citizen living and working between Hong Kong and Shanghai. He received a Law degree from University of Toulouse and an Art History degree from L’Ecole du Louvre in Paris.

Nicolas began his career as an art dealer in his early twenties, worked since for several galleries and auction houses in France (especially in Drouot art district) and created Dope! Gallery .He later moved his operation to London and then expanded to Asia.


Raphaël Colombani - Tribal Art Expert

Raphaël is currently living in Paris. After studying photography and working in different press agencies he dedicated himself to Art history and received a degree from the Ecole du Louvre in Paris specializing in Ethnographic and Pre-Colombian arts.

He has been working for a decade in the French art market as a collections manager for different galleries and art experts. He joined Alyes Auctions to assist in the creation of our Department of African, Oceanian and American arts.